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  • Get your frog across the busy streets and over the river (with the original Frogger music)
  • Old-school 2D action, enough challenges for even the most battle hardened of players
  • Asteroids-like game, with blury psychedelic graphics
  • Multiplayer, multi-platform, 3D tank battle game
  • Horizontal scrolling shoot'em up game - Collect power-ups, and upgrade your ship (1-2 players).
  • Strategy and action space battles
  • Move a teeter-totter back and forth across the screen to bounce clowns up into the air.
  • Re-mastered and improved version of Digger
  • Get across the busy road and flowing river.
  • Get as high as possible without falling down, and collect extra points by doing cool moves.
  • Eliminate all robots by using a unique bomber car. (receive power-ups and upgrade your vehicle).
  • Collection of Pac-Man clones and Pac-Man freeware
  • Pacman-like game (single and multiplayer, duel games, level skins, level editor and more)
  • Inflate things fast to make them pop, slow to make them grow, make chains, fight bosses.
  • Snake game - eat the apples, pass through bridges, avoid clouds (created in 3 hours)

  • Balls and Marbles

  • 3D volleyball, one-two players, 3D training exercises, slime practice, 2D games, and high scores
  • Use the paddle to aim a ball at bricks until all bricks are destroyed (based on Arkanoid).
  • Create marble figures. If a marble starts to move it will not stop until it hits something.
  • Hidden traps, mazes, laser beams and countless puzzles block your way to the Oxyd stones.
  • Arkanoid-like game, simulates fragmentation of broken blocks, name entry and ranking
  • Slime volleyball with abilities to change size, speed, create walls, and more (2 players)
  • Shoot the balls to spill them until their all gone.
  • Two player pong with a plasma environment, inject plasma fluid, blast shockwaves, and more.
  • Two player pong (Mortal Kombat style)
  • Roll a ball through mazes, buy items, activate switches, ventilators, magnets, etc.