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  • Help Simba achieve adulthood and reclaim the Pridelands.
  • A 2D shooter platform game (shotguns, bazookas, homing missiles, banana bombs and more)
  • Side scrolling action/adventure/platform
  • An original fan game based on the popular Nintendo series Metroid.
  • An old-style jump'n'run platform game
  • A 2D shoot and jump platform game
  • Avoiding traps and rolling rocks, finding treasures, etc. (clone of Rick Dangerous)
  • Based on Super Mario 3, but instead of Mario you're a penguin
  • Combines elements from 3D Mario titles, 2D game play, set in a Halloween-theme
  • An alien earthworm with a gun helps defeat evil.
  • Save the Happylanders in order to rid the world of evil (includes a level editor).
  • Take Buster Bunny over land, below the ocean, into futuristic environments, and beyond.
  • Somehow Garfield is trapped in his TV. Find all remote-control pieces to get out of the TV.
  • You are the last surviving Bantam on earth. Search for the last refuge on the planet.
  • Control Mario, moving him left, right and water-thrusting him into the air.
  • Roy must battle the deadly humans and restore the lost colors of Chromopolis.
  • Sam has woken up into a strange land, his last memory being of an attack on his village.
  • Based on Super Mario 1 (world maps, level editor and more)
  • Super Mario 3 remake