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  • Thousands of paint-by-number logic puzzles to solve online or offline with new nonograms daily
  • Move all discs from the left peg to the right one without placing a disk on top of a smaller disc.
  • Peg solitaire with eight boards and an option to automatically solve the game.
  • Jigsaw puzzles, thousands of beautiful pictures, you control level and cuts, send postcards.
  • Save the cute penguins (based on Lemmings).
  • Solving Rubik's Cube for speed
  • Use various gadgets and tools given at each level to accomplish objectives (parts 1, 2 and 3).
  • Change your opponent's white chips into your red chips till the board fills up (2 player).
  • Based on Super Nintendo's classic Tetris Attack
  • Over 350 rooms with puzzles, humorous stories, secrets and extra challenges (full speech)
  • Full-featured, colorful eye candy Tetris-like aiming game
  • Really deep online thinking game
  • Push the blocks into space (the 50 original levels plus many more user-made screens).
  • Simple logical game with elements of move strategy
  • Link every pair of colored markers to complete the cube.
  • Arrange the lines such that no edges overlap (simple online game).
  • Fill in the grid with numbers that add up to nine from any direction.
  • Online Sudoku puzzles, 200 boards, hints, undo, pencil mode, print, use of symbols and more
  • Place your tokens in turn, or slide a row/column (object is to empty the board of your tokens).
  • A space odyssey puzzle game - Tilt your way to the exits (over 150 levels).
  • The original lemmings (including a full featured level editor)
  • Control your skooter robot and get the four screen items in each level.
  • Push the block into space (unlimited undo, level editor, highly configurable, skinning and more).
  • Click to rotate your stones to take over your opponents stones (multiplayer).
  • Fun and weird thinking/aiming game