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  • Turn-based RPG which contains no randomness
  • One of the oldest computer role-playing games (extremely enhanced)
  • Sci-Fi based massive multiplayer online RPG
  • Heroic fantasy world with high-colored 2D design, massively multiplayer online RPG
  • Explore a huge realm of magic and mystery (Massive multiplayer online RPG).
  • An RPG completely made with ASCII graphics
  • Massively multiplayer online fantasy social game (easy to interact with other players)
  • Action-filled animated online RPG
  • Humorous Zelda-like isometric adventure/RPG with an editor to create new adventures
  • The original "Legend of Zelda" (also has a database of many independent Zelda games).


  • An enhanced MMORPG with unlimited game play (trade, collect, discover and destroy)